Thursday, September 1, 2016

VIRAL: Netizen Shoots At Baron Geisler And Sent The Actor A Vicious Message. MUST WATCH!

Actor Baron Geisler has been very open on his thoughts regarding President Rodrigo Duterte's style on this war against drugs and has once made a shoot video about his thoughts against the current president.
But a netizen named Herald Ponter!as Laporre, a Duterte supporter shoots back at Geisler sending him a savage message to the actor via Facebook.
Laporre gained admiration from his fellow Duterte regarding the video he made, making fun of Geisler and telling him that his brain was emptied by marijuana and some other drugs.
Baron Geisler has been active on social media after his MMA fight with Kiko Matos and has recently posted his drug test result on his official page.
Source: SocialTrendsPH