Friday, September 2, 2016

VIRAL: Vice President Leni Robredo Got SLAMMED By Mocha Uson Calling Her KSP. MUST READ!

It is no surprise that Mocha Uson is a big Rodrigo Duterte supporter since election season, she has been very vocal about her thoughts about the rival candidates and not afraid of speak her mind.
Recently, the dancer releases her statement regarding Vice President Leni Robredo's comments about Duterte's campaign against illegal drugs, saying that it is lacking some elements and the authorities just keep on killing randomly without proper investigation.

Not taking it likely, Mocha posted something on her Facebook page contradicting Robredo's point of view saying:
The said post garnered over 15,000 likes with most likely 6000 shares as of this moment and has now viral over the social media sites. Some netizens even commented on the post siding with Mocha and has some strong words for the VP.

Source: AllThingsPinoy | Facebook