Thursday, September 8, 2016

WATCH: Japanese Morning Show Makes Trivia About President Duterte's Cursing

President Rodrigo Duterte became the talk of international news and media after his expletive statements pointed toward allegedly cursing U.S. President Barack Obama.
From there many are trying to figure out what Duterte's cursing translates to their language, and recently the Japanese media have done a trivia in order to do just that. To be clear, Duterte's cursing wasn't aimed at President Obama but rather at the columnists.

A screenshot of a Japanese morning show circulated the internet, showing the words of Duterte's cursing which translates to "son of a b****" and they consider it to be quite offensive and insulting.

The president of Japan Shinto Arabe stated that Duterte is very popular in their country and is very well known, even inviting the firebrand to visit the Land of the Rising Sun. President Duterte is known for his extensive cursing and expletives when being interviewed to express his frustration and anger. Despite that, he has earned many supporters around various parts of the world.

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