Friday, September 2, 2016

WATCH: Mayor Linked To Drugs Implicates Former Justice Secretary: Police

Mayor Ronaldo Espinosa Sr, made the allegation in a sworn statement pointing a former Justice Secretary to be linked in illegal drug trades.
It's been speculated that a former Justice Secretary and now a senator was a protector of drug lords, this is according to a Mayor who is linked to illegal narcotics trade, but he didn't name it as Leila De Lima as many are expecting.

Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido, Albuera town police chief, however did not directly identify the alleged protector as Senator Leila de Lima. Espenido said Albuera Mayor Ronald Espinosa Sr. made the allegation in a sworn statement.

There were reports that a photo of Mayor Ronald Espinosa's son, Kerwin Espinosa was taken together with a former Justice Secretary and now senator Leila De Lima, but the female senator deny this allegation and said that a single photo does not prove that she is linked. Source: TrendsEnthusiast | ABS-CBN News