Monday, October 10, 2016

American Citizen Goes Furious about Agot's Statement: 'How dare you call President Duterte a Psychopath?'

Just recently, Agot Isidro's statement about President Duterte's way of ruling became viral.
Since her opinion was straightforward and concrete, a mixture of different side comments were present. Some were agreeing and some were angry about her status.

 Everyone has their own opinions regarding her status, mainly filipinos themselves but a video of an American citizen had surfaced the internet and caught the attention of many.
The citizen was deliberately very angry about Agot's opinion. He said that since Agot is a television personality, there is a huge chance that she is only receiving money in exchange of this kind of defamation.

 The citizen was all out about his anger and was very straight about his point that her statement was nothing but a paid one. See the video below.