Monday, October 10, 2016

Beyoncés Response when Asked: Is God Real?

The A lister, singer and song writer Beyoncé Knowles has always been in the center stage.
She would always have the spotlight whenever she performs because of her undeniable talent in both singing and dancing.

Although she had encountered numerous rumors about her fame, she had always looked up upon the Lord and stand by his side. A lot of people have been inventing stories that it wasn't all luck that Beyoncés had her fame and fortune by her hands.

Despite being linked to the Illuminati or being accused of a contract by a Devil's pact, the singer gets all emotional when asked about God.
She tells how fortunate and thankful she is for every blessing that she have been receiving from above and that she was even a result of a prayer herself. "God is real. He lives inside of me, in all of us."