Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Foreign Citizen Stuck in the Philippines: 'Everything was stolen'

A concerned citizen approached a man of foreign country out of concern. This man was holding a paper an an identification card but his luggage, wallet and everything else wasn't present.
When approached, he was asked about his arrival in the Philippines and said that he was here by September 5th. 

He already went to the U.S. embassy but sadly, aside from calling his family, there wasn't anything they can do. He, alongside his wallet and other clothes, was also missing his passport. It might be difficult for him to travel home. 

He was found at Robinson's Manila, in front of Uncle Chiefy restaurant and said that help won't be arriving till next week. The concerned citizen offered help to contact his family and also posted his photo and video on facebook in hopes of his family seeing them and eventually coming to him.

source: facebook