Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Heart Breaking Scene of a Traumatized Little Boy after an Airstrike in Syria

Syria has always been a country that seemed to never have been astray from war.
It has been going on for quite some time now and not a single soul can be given immunity from the devastating catastrophe.

Even children from Syria has given no escape from this. Lots of children are being wounded, buried alive and even found dead from numerous bombings and explosions in the country. Childhood has been taken away from these young souls.

What's worse is that they are living throughout this scenario at a very young age where they are very fragile and not ready to see the reality of the world.

Even amidst surviving, the children are left wounded inside from the trauma that the war has given them. This toddler is a very good example of what mankind has done. The child was so afraid of what happened that he is seeking the comfort of his nurse and refuses to leave his side. It is very heartbreaking to witness such moment where we see a broken soul.