Monday, October 24, 2016

Netizen Exposes Fake and Misleading Headline Against Duterte!

A netizen expressed her disgust and disappointment about a misleading article that was published to the public by ABS-CBN Network and compared it to the headline of GMA that was more accurate.
The issue about President Duterte deciding to cut ties with the United States is still puzzling a lot of people. They seem to not understand why such measure should be done. In addition to this, the President trying to make connections with China is also an issue.

Articles about these are being published left and right. Each having their own version of it and some really just turn the story around in order to gain readers.

This is what enraged a netizen that posted her concern regarding these articles, specifically pointing to ABS-CBN and their headline. "Please refrain from putting words into Duterte's mouth. Ayusin niyo yang headline niyo. Why need to exaggerate?"
This is regarding the headline of ABS-CBN stating that Duterte cuts ties with the US and forms a new one with Beijing, comparing it to GMA who stated that is was actually of military alliance.
CREDITS: Social Trends PH