Saturday, October 8, 2016

READ: A Viral Photo of a Netizen Who Messaged De Lima

Facebook has a lot of ways to make us all connect. No matter the distance and anymore differences that could be given, as long as there is an internet connection then we are definitely in! 

 The internet is a huge pile of everything, from the scariest to the funniest ones and a netizen has grabbed the opportunity of talking to Senator De Lima. The senator has her own fan page on facebook by which netizens can freely express and message their thoughts directly to the page. 

 A netizen has sent a message to the fan page, seemingly expressing his gratitude towards the senator and telling her that he has always believed that Leila De Lima will follow the footsteps of Dr. Miriam Santiago. 

In return to such wonderful praise, De Lima gives her thanks to the netizen only to get this reply in return. 

"Advanced rest in peace po."

source: facebook