Sunday, October 9, 2016

This 9-Year-Old's Speech on Racism Will Break Your Heart

All over the world, there always seemed to be a separation that is based on skin color. This has divided us greatly and has caused chaos even then. 

It is very heartbreaking to see a little girl inside a court, crying for plea to have their rights. The little girl served as a witness for the Keith Lamont Scott shooting incident. She gave her honest opinion about the happening which was obviously very hard for the child. 

In her testimony, she has described the hardship of being a child and growing up in a world where they seem to be separated amongst people who have light skin. She said that they never should even be fighting for their rights because it is duly theirs in the first place. 

"We need our mothers and fathers with us" 

The girl continued giving her statement amidst breaking down in tears because of the happening. It is very hard for her to describe what it feels like to be "black." 

"We are black people and we shouldn't feel like this."


source: facebook