Friday, October 7, 2016

WATCH: A Policeman Proposes to his Gf in front of Duterte

Proposals are such wonderful happening that anyone could ever see. We can see and even feel the love of two people that have both decided to spend their lifetime with each other. However, this was a very different case, this proposal, was witnessed by the President of the Philippines. 

It was during a conference where the president was together with his Security Aides when another policeman have owned the mic and began explaining. 

 "I want to grab this rare opportunity Mr. President, sa ngalan po ng pag ibig." 

He told the story of his 5 year relationship with the President's current security aide. He said that they were supposed to be married but was unfortunately cancelled due to problems in their relationship. He said that if ever so that she would let him be her husband, he will have his lifetime proving his undying love for her. 

The president was indeed delighted to see such moment that was also witnessed by many others, all supporting the upcoming marriage.

source: rappler