Saturday, November 26, 2016

17-Year Old Girl R@ped and Murd3red by Own Relatives in Nueva Ecija!

Police discovered a lifeless body of a 17-year old girl on the side of the road in Nueva Ecija.
Investigations reveal that the girl was possibly raped before being killed. The primary suspects of the incident are the girl's two relatives, namely her uncle and cousin.

The girl went out to jog in the early morning, but only hours later, locals in the area found her dead body. The parents of the girl were met with sadness and despair upon discovering the death of their daughter.

The identified victims of the murder are Leopoldo De Jesus and Leonald De Jesus which are relatives of the girl.

Traces of blood were followed by the police that led to their arrest in their home, only a kilometer away from the murder site. The two vehemently denied the accusations against them but the father of the girl believes the two are under the influence of illegal drugs. Let us know what you think by leaving your comments down below!
Source: XolXol