Tuesday, November 1, 2016

READ: List of Facts That Proves That President Duterte is The Best President We've Ever Had!

President Rodrigo Duterte really is one controversial elected President. His reign on the presidency has cultivated various of comments, progressions, supporters and even the protesters.
Left and right as the issues come straight as to what kind of administration is the Philippines currently experiencing with the so called "The Punisher" as he gave his word of solely protecting his motherland. Here are the list of why he is the best president we've ever had yet.

1. He openly gave his attention to the military. Since the military force of the Philippines is rarely being taken attention to and he even visited a few military hospitals to see how our brave soldiers were doing.

2. The badjaos. Badjaos are often ridiculed in the city but for the president, they are definitely important. In this manner, he gave the badjaos their own vessels by which they can readily protect their land.

3. He facilitated the peace talks. Peace talks don't really happen much anymore and war just wages on and on. But the president insisted of talking it out first.

4. He personally addressed the release of the hostages that were taken by which were immediately released after he gave his word.

5. The president was able to handle the Davao bombing calmly. To have your hometown visited by such happeninf is very overwhelming but the president handled it well.

6. Even after the extreme calamity, the president didn't fail to see how his fellowmen in Batanes were doing.