Sunday, November 6, 2016

Senator Gordon Expresses his Disappointment Towards Senator De Lima and Senator Trillanes

When the topic is about Extra Judicial Kill1ng, two significant senators will always be seen.
Senator De Lima and Senator Trillanes are the two senators who seem to be deeply concerned with all the extra judicial killings that are happening within the new administration.

The witness they've brought even stood up to court to prove that the President is indeed behind them but there is still no proof and the investigation is still on going.

Senator Gordon was interviewed and was asked about his opinion regarding the two senators.

He immediately pointed out Senator Trillanes' attitude where he allegedly is a different person on and off the court which greatly causes Sen. Gordon his dismay towards him.

Same with Senator De Lima whom he think is using the office to reopen the investigation against the President.
"Kung gusto mong ipa-open, sabihin mo. Hindi yung nagtatago ka"
Senator Gordon further discusses his point of view towards the two senators and as well as the issue on extra judicial killings. He also pointed out De Lima's disrespectful attitude when she decided to walk out of court so sudden.