Tuesday, November 1, 2016

WATCH: Solenn Heusaff Takes Off Cl0thes as Part of A Dare

One of FHM's sexiest women to ever be on their magazine, Solenn Heusaff definitely has made her sexiness as her trademark.
FHM has long been giving us the finest women in the Philippines and showing us what more they could offer. They have been publishing magazines for years and counting and even celebrating who the sexiest woman in the Philippines would be for a certain year.

Not only that, it also helps empower women in a certain way where they could definitely showcase their body confidently and let the country know what they work hard for.

In this video, you are about to see one of FHM's hottest woman and even without the magazine's reputation, we can already tell that "sexy" is one great word to describe the one and only Solenn Heusaff. She was dared to play a game called "Never Have I Ever" where she is asked to str11p a few pieces of clothing off for every time she finds herself guilty in a situation that the paper would say.