Wednesday, November 2, 2016

VIRAL: A Very Inspiring Message Of A Fisherman's Son To President Duterte Will Surely Touch Your Heart

A heartfelt Facebook post has been circulating across the social media world from a son of a former fisherman, who is now a Presidential portrait artist named Macky Bongabong
In his viral post, Bongabong shared his experiences regarding fishing during his younger years familiarizing himself with every type of fish he sees in the oceans of Jolo, Sulu. He also said that, at a young age he would join the "Hulbot-hulbot" which is a fishing boat along with the others to fish for weeks.

Also in his post, he openly said that he admires his late father Alberto Bongabong for raising him well and for being a responsible father to him and a loving husband to his mother by working hard and being home late just to provide food on the table.
A part of his Facebook post says the following, "Now, my painting hangs in the wall of the People's Palace (MalacaƱang Palace). Who would have thought of a boy, just sewing fishing nets by the port, skin burnt by the sun would later be a part of Philippine History? His artwork hanging beside the works of Fernando Amorsolo and other national artists."

The fisherman's son shows his admiration to President Duterte and has a lot of good things to say to the country's leader. Check out his full post below.

Fisherman to Presidential portrait artist- By Macky Bongabong In the 90s I grew up familiarizing the types of fish I...

Posted by Macky Bongabong on Monday, October 24, 2016
Source: AllThingsPinoy | Facebook