Wednesday, November 2, 2016

WATCH: Drone Captures Yolanda Housing Project that is STILL INCOMPLETE Even After Three Years!

November 8, 2013, almost three years had past when the deadly strike of typhoon Yolanda decided to hit Tacloban, taking away many lives with it.
It has greatly affected the living of the families that were within the landfall area of the typhoon. Many had lost their loved ones, homes, jobs and what is worse is that they all have to start from scratch.

The past administration had given their word of putting up a new housing project by which was specifically for the typhoon victims.
Over 12,000 people were expected and were counted for the type and size of the project and will definitely cater those who have lost their homes. There are supposed 2,000 units that are ready to be occupied and only 989 families were able to live within the built houses.

But in a drone footage of UNTV, we can clearly see how there are still a lot of houses that aren't complete and unfinished. Taking note of the length of time that passed, every family should be already residing within the premises. As reported by the government, there are still 200 families that are waiting ti be relocated to the promised housing project.