Tuesday, December 27, 2016

7 Tips to Turn Your Girl On, Boys Take Note! #7 Will Make Her Excited!

Boy would always have troubles in these kinds of things. Satisfying women really is quite hard when it comes to bed.
Women aren't like men who would need simple ups and downs and they're food. With women, it's like playing a piano. Needing to keep in track of the melody and the right keys. It's just so complicated sometimes!

1. Pay Attention 
Let's just accept it. Women love attention, but at times where they are in love, they only crave the attention of one specific person. If that happens to be you then you better take advantage of it! She might even give you a reward for being such a "good boy". You wouldn't want to miss that, trust me.

2. Don't Rush
Women aren't like doors that after sticking in the key, they'd unlock. No. That is totally wrong. Taking your time is extremely crucial. Fondle her. Nibble on her. Tease her. Don't rush. It may take you where you want to go but at the price of her being left behind. That's not really good.
3. Be Tongue Tied
Some women can go on with just intercourse alone. But the chances are, your girl isn't one of those. So be sure to know how your mouth plays in. Drown her in that deep kiss and leave her breathless. She'll never forget about you for that.