Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Churchgoers in San Pedro Laguna Being Forced to Sign a Petition for Duterte's Impeachment? Let's find out the truth

A viral post of an unknown netizen had been going around the internet. It is about a small town in San Pedro Laguna, namely a chapel in Brgy. Langgam, which only allows people to enter their church only if they will sign a petition to impeach the President.
The church and the government has been in quite an intense state as of now since the hot topic of extra judicial killings.

The said parish (which was St. Joseph the Patriarch Parish) was giving a mass about extra judicial killings that included the petition.
The identity of the netizen wasn't clarified but the Rev. of the parish gave his statement about the said allegation. He thoroughly discussed how such was greatly non-sense because they had never done any signing in their parish nor will they ever do so.
They claim that the rumor was nothing but false news or hearsay that was intended to stain their image.