Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Couple Gave This Street Child A Free Meal, But You Will Surely Get Emotional After Knowing What The Boy Did!

Many of today's young generation especially the wealthy ones doesn't appreciate what they have and instead of being thankful, some of them even complain that what they enough is not enough and demand their parents for more.
I said this because, we all know for a fact that not everyone was given a luxurious life and that there are hundreds or even thousands of homeless street children that are working their butt off and even begged others just to have food.

That being said, a couple by the name of Geo Tolentino Ringor and John Benedict went to the nearest Jollibee fast-food in Quezon City and noticed a boy begging for alms, then the couple decided to buy an extra meal for the boy.
On their way out, the couple saw the same boy they saw earlier, but this time he was accompanied by his younger sister. The young boy can be seen smiling as he feeds his sister and was about to take a bite of his own.

With Christmas just matter of days away, we should always remember that Christmas isn't just about receiving fancy gifts, but also giving to those who are really in need just like this couple.
Source: Viral4Real | Facebook