Wednesday, December 14, 2016

VIRAL: Filipina Creatively Performed The Chainsmokers' Hit 'Closer' In Tagalog!

Social media platforms has been very helpful to many people across the globe. It can be used to communicate with our friends and love ones, regardless of far they are from each other. Not only that, it can also help others showcase their talents and share it to the world.
That being said, a Facebook page named Filipino Live Radio shared a video of a girl singing tagalog version of the The Chainsmokers hit "Closer" and has now went viral on social media.

A girl who was identified as Kaeyla Vicente doing her own rendition of the said hit song. The said video was already gained over 22,000 views on Facebook and has other netizens spreading positive vibes to Kaeyla, praising her talent in singing.
You can see her full performance below.
Closer - Tagalog Version


Posted by Filipino Live Radio on Monday, December 12, 2016
Source: Filipino Live Radio / Facebook