Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sass Sassot Exposes VP Robredo's 'Luxurious Lifesyle.' MUST SEE!

It is a no brainer that if you are a celebrity or even in politics, you can't avoid the fact that there are people out there who doesn't like you. Let's take the public figure Mocha Uson as an example.
She was recently called out by artist politician Leah Navarro for having an "opulent lifestyle" for she was spotted with a Macbook laptop.

That being said, a political analyst Sass Rogando Sassot shared a video entitled "Now Showing: OPULENT LIFESTYLE. Starring Leah Navarro, Leni Robredo and Mocha Uson" on her Facebook page.

The video features the luxury items of VP Leni Robredo and her family owns, including their Louis Vuitton bags, her daughters' Makbooks and a set of designer shoes. At the very end of the said video, Sassot implies that one lifestyle appears to be more "opulent" than the other. This lead netizens to express their reactions on the video which can be seen below.

Source: Sass Sassot