Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sen. Cayetano Has Once Again Slammed PH Vice President Leni Robredo. See What The Senator Has To Say HERE!

Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano has been very silent as of late, unlike his usual self which is being very vocal about his support towards the current President Rodrigo Duterte, but he finally broke his silence and released a statement on his Facebook page directed towards Vice President Leni Robredo.
VP Leni who is a member of the Liberal Party announced her resignation as the HUDCC Secretary after receiving a text messages from Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco. A text that says the President wanted her to desist from attending cabinet meetings.

We all know that Sen. Cayetano doesn't agree about the Marcos hero's burial, so Robredo then challenged Sen. Cayetano to speak out against the President's decision to bury the late President Marcos at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani despite the senator's loyalty to the President. However, Cayetano instead slammed VP Robredo and pointed out that the President is doing the best he can. After that, Cayetano then challenged the Vice President to seek Justice for the Fallen 44, victims of "tanim bala" and LP personalities involved in illegal drugs.
He ends the post by saving: "In a nutshell, I challenge you to stop campaigning and thinking of The Presidency and help attract investments, build infrastructure, create jobs and redistribute wealth in our country."

"Let's do it together," added Cayetano.
Source: TrendingNewsPortal | GMA