Wednesday, December 14, 2016

SHOCKING! 12-Year Old Boy Buried Inside A Wall Getting Rescued By The Authorities. MUST SEE!

A viral story has been circulating around the social media world concerning a 12-year old who has been missing has finally found by the authories burried in the wall of a building in Ondo when they went for a rescue mission.
According to the source, the boy was found in the middle of a molded block in Ondo State.

Facebook user Peter Agba Kalu who who broke this story on social media said that he was shocked about what he witnessed and was speechless the whole time.

Witnesses claimed that they heard a voice while they are walking around the wall. It was later found out that the voice was from the 12-year old boy who was trapped inside the wall.

After discovering that it was a human who was making those creepy sounds, that's the time they decided to break the wall and go for the rescue. See the video of the said rescue mission below.
Source: EliteNewsFeed