Saturday, December 10, 2016

VIRAL: Leaked Video Of A Latina Model Accepting An Offer To Do IT With A 13-Year Old Boy Rattled The Internet World!

The internet world has once again exploded when a video of a Latina model who agreed to have s3x with a Dubai tycoon and his 13-year old virgin brother goes viral on YouTube.
In the video, Aliana Lozada Gonzales who is a 26-year old model introduces herself and expresses her willingness to meet Sultan Sali in Dubai. She also said that she will undergo an STD check while in Dubai along with her host.

She also said that she is willing to have an unprotected s3x with both brothers if she was paid $50,000 for her special service. At the end of the video, the Latina was posing with her passport and then a blew a kiss to her clients after she thanked them.
The netizens' reaction was divisive after the video went viral on social media sites. Some of the netizens complimented her beauty and were jealous of the businessnan's riches. However, there are also ones who criticized her when she agreed to sleep with a minor. Note: The video you are about to watch contains languages and scenes not suitable for children.<