Friday, December 9, 2016

You Can Now File a Case Against People Who Owe You Money. Here's How!

There is now good news out there for people who are owed money by individuals who are having a hard time paying their debts. If the person owes you money and takes about almost forever to pay to match along with some silly excuses, there is now a solution for this!
Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato Puno revealed under the "Rule of Procedure for Small Claims Cases" that a person or individual is allowed to file a case against someone who owes them money.

To do this, the money claim should not exceed about P200,000 which includes penalties and interests (should there be any). If the amount exceeds that, then the plaintiff would have to proceed to regular court.

You don't need to look around and hire a lawyer in order to file a 'small claims' case in the country. It's very easy, as discussed below in a video that will guide you with thorough instructions. SEE PAGE 2 BELOW TO SEE THE BASIC STEPS IN FILING FOR SMALL CLAIMS CASE IN THE PHILIPPINES...