Friday, December 9, 2016

President Duterte Told 'Yellow' Rallyists 'You Want Me Out, Because You Can't Accept Defeat'

Ever since President Rodrigo Duterte sat as the the country's most powerful leader, he has encountered some critics along the way and most of these said critics are members of the past administration's party members.
In a report by GMA News, President Duterte shoots on the "yellow" party members and accused them as the minds behind the recent rallies during the United Nations Convention against Corruption that was held last Wednesday, December 7.

The President has this to say and I quote "Yung mga yellow diyan, nagde-demonstrate kayo dyan. You want me out kasi you cannot accept defeat." Although he hasn't mention any names, but it is pretty obvious that he is shooting at the Liberal Party as he uses the word "yellow" as a code for it was the party's official color during the elections last May 2016 and also the color of current Vice President Leni Robredo.

However, the President also pointed out they are also the ones who organized the rallies against the Marcos burial. He also stressed that the yellow members who joined the rally wanted him out.

"Ito pulitiko ito eh. They wanted me out. Syempre iyong Vice President... Eh di kayo. You've had your chance" - Duterte said.