Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Husband Caught Cheating Wife Inside A Hotel Room With Their 'Ninong'

Third party is one of the reasons why a family blessed by the church ruined. This video allegedly shows how a husband caught his wife with another in a hotel room is now viral in social media.
It is less than a minute but already received more than a million hits in Youtube.

It says that the husband caught his wife with another guy inside a hotel room. According to the video description on Youtube, the guy is also married and one of their sponsors on their wedding.

Watch the video below: This was uploaded on the last week of February but still gaining views from curious netizens.

Some reasons of marital infidelity:
1. Financial Instability. Members of the family especially the husband is not financially stable and his wife needs more cash than what he can provide. The wife will find another man who can provide her "luho"(only for materialistic women).

2. Time. The husband or wife might be too busy for their work that they tend to forget caressing each other and they found it with another person they knew in work,club, social media, etc.

3. Revenge. Rarely happens but it really does.

4. Physical appearance.
Physical appearance of the third party might be too hard for the cheaters to say no.

5. Gene.
According to science, cheating runs on the blood of cheaters.
CREDITS: ClassifiedFeed