Monday, January 2, 2017

PBB Housemate Jerome Alacre Admits That He is In Fact Proudly Gay!

The house of Big Brother started many years ago. Within those times, the house catered a lot of people that dared to show their different personalities on public television.
With that in hand, it is inevitable for the cameras to capture raw, unscripted emotions of the housemates.

The housemates of the current season are getting along fine. Few challenges brings them together but sometimes, the challenges aren't always given by 'Kuya'. Sometimes. The challenges that the housemates face are within themselves.

This included the PBB Housemate Jerome. A highly masculine type of guy in the PBB house finally admits his true sexuality in the Big Brother house. The reveal may or may not shock viewers or his housemates since the house actually witnessed a few revelations for quite some time.