Tuesday, January 10, 2017

SHOCKING: 12 Year Old Girl Facebook Live-streamed Herself Committing Suicide After Being Bullied

The social media was in shock when a 12-year old girl who was a victim of bullying streaming herself live while taking her life away.
The horrifying video gained much attention on the internet that left many cursed.

It is said that the girl had enough of the stress building up while being bullied that she decided that it would be best to take matters into her own hands by ending her life at a young age.

The 12-year old bully victim took time to record everything she has experienced when she was being bullied before hanging herself to death. The video will surely left you heartbroken after watching the clip.

A YouTube user uploaded the clip to spread awareness of how terrible suicide really is, especially when being bullied or any depressing moments which sadly does happen in reality. Many netizens then offered their prayers for the girl's death as sympathy. Hopefully, the video will send a strong message to everyone who are experiencing depression and that suicide is not always the answer in every tough problems you face in life.

SOURCE: SocialTrendsPH