Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Pinay Chloe Grace Moretz Edcell Ched Gets a Total Makeover, THE RESULTS ARE INCREDIBLY STUNNING

Edcell Ched was a humble worker in the famous food chain, Jollibee. Working as a cashier, she was just doing her normal duties for the day and was checking on how things were going.
Unsuspectedly, a customer snapped a photo of her when he saw an uncanny resemblance of the crew and the hollywood actress, Chloe Grace Moretz. The photo went immediately viral.

The photo was even commended by Chloe herself saying that they do resemble each other. After a few weeks of being viral, just like any other internet stories that went famous, the photo went latent on shares.
But that doesnt mean that no one would recognize this girl and her famous twin. Jollibee corporation in collaboration with a magazine had put together a project, especially for Edcell.

Jollibee and MegaStyle sent a top model alumni, Katrina Rodriguez to pick up Chloe, we mean, Edcell from her work.

Katrina explained that Edcell will be brought to a studio for a full blown photoshoot to have her live a life of a famous actress. She was given photo makeup that DEFINITELY emphasized her resemblance to Chloe Grace Moretz, take a look.

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Posted by Jollibee on Thursday, December 29, 2016