Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Heart Warming Story About a Netizen and a 65 Year Old Grab Driver

This 65 year old grab driver captured the heart of netizens.
People use the application Grab for numerous of convenient reasons. It is fast and can safely take you to the place you need. Although you will experience different types of drivers, some do encounter more than just an ordinary ride.

This is a story that is shared by Khristopher John who had just gone off his 11 hour shift from call center. He was waiting for his grab driver that was late and do not answer his messages in the application, soon enough, a car goes up by him and he was already out of patience.

But to his surprise, a 65 year old man whose smile was to much to handle greeted him. The driver apologized for being late and his application and waze weren’t working. The netizen's heart was touched to see this old man working as to his explanation was for his hobby and to help his child and grandkids.
SOURCE: facebook