Thursday, February 9, 2017

Netizens Have Been Laughing at this Man's Post Without Looking at His Side of the Story!

You have probably seen this circulating photo of a man about to take his breakfast before "sleeping". A lot of people had shared the post and sharing their own ridicule about it.
A concerned citizen has spoken out because a lot of people have been making fun of the man. He had pointed out that many people do not know that he may be exhausted from work. Surprisingly, the man behind the photo actually reached out.

The man cleared the fact that he was actually a night shift security guard who had just gone home. Since breakfast was the meal that he could have because of his shift, it is what he eats before having his sleep thus, taking his breakfast before sleeping.

Tawa ng tawa mga tao sakanya, di mawari kung kahapon lang ba sila pinanganak. Di nyo ba alam ung night shift ha? Tanga...

Posted by JD Ros on Monday, February 6, 2017