Tuesday, February 14, 2017

READ: The "Zombie Dog" That Turned Out to be A Huskey that was Fostered by this Incredible Man Has Finally Bid Goodbye

The viral story of a man who fostered and cared for a "zombie dog" that was actually a husky. The man is now saying his goodbyes for his friend who had become sick.
Do you remember the viral story of a man's kind heart that fostered a dog covered in mange? The story that has reached the television because the dog recovered fully and was actually a beautiful husky.

The story touched the hearts of many and has convinced them to adopt stray dogs as well. Many had the change of heart towards stray dogs after their story.

But now, the man behind the love for his husky is now kissing him goodbye. In a lengthy post, he had described his feelings of sorrow for saying his farewell towards his loyal companion.

SOURCE: facebook