Wednesday, March 15, 2017

An Open Letter to a Group of Men Who Brutally Raped Young Woman Riding a Red Van in Dasmariñas!

A young woman from Dasmariñas was brutally raped by a group of men riding a red van
The number of rape cases have significantly increased over the past few days which caused quite the concern from many locals. Such is the case when a certain netizen named Nemecar Agawin posted a status update on Facebook.

According to the post, the young girl was forced to inhale a sleeping agent by the group of men and from there, she was raped and taken advantage of. Fortunately the young girl managed to escape from the van after waking up without anyone inside the vehicle. She was spotted by a man running away who immediately helped her escape from the criminals.

Hours after posting the status update, this certain netizen once again notified the public that the group of men found another victim, this time leaving no remorse as they brutally raped and killed a young girl in the same area in Brgy. San Esteban.

The post gathered thousands of shares and reactions from many netizens in an effort to spread awareness about the rising cases of rape. Many have cautioned women to be aware of their surroundings at all times to avoid becoming a victim of these heinous criminals.

Take a look at her status update and read for yourself!
Guys! Mag ingat kayo lagi, nauuso na naman ang kahayupan. Lalo na dito sa Dasmarinas. Meron kaming kapitbahay batang...
Posted by Nemecar Agawin on Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Kakatapos lang ng isa, meron na naman daw batang babae nirape kanina lang. Ang kaso eh talagang napatay na nila ngayon...
Posted by Nemecar Agawin on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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Source: facebook