Monday, March 6, 2017

Woman Writes an Emotional Ltter to His Boyfriend on Facebook After a Long Time of Being Separated

Truly one of the most saddening things when a relationship ends is the realization and attachment of one person towards the other.
One person is pressing forward and moving on, while another is still firmly entrenched in the previous relationship. Just like this girl who couldn't help but wonder how her former lover is doing in life after they've both gone their separate ways.

In an emotional post on Facebook, netizen Zelle Marfori wrote a letter to her former and asked him how he's been since their relationship ended. While recalling past memories together, she wishes her ex-boyfriend well in life and hopes he achieves his goals and ambitions.

Clearly it wasn't easy for Zelle to reach out to her ex again after a long time of being separated, but her care is still evident even though the flames have long gone which truly evoked a sense of sadness among many netizens who read her post.

Her letter eventually went viral on social media and garnered thousands of shares and reactions. Many have commented and expressed their support towards her and that she remains strong throughout the entire process of moving on.

Check out her post right down below and see for yourself.
Hello, kamusta kana? Di ko kayang itanong sayo ng diretso. Idadaan ko nalang siguro dito. Sana kapag nakita mo 'to,...
Posted by Zelle Marfori on Wednesday, March 1, 2017
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Source: facebook