Thursday, March 16, 2017

This Story of How a Multimedia Arts Student Graduated Will Definitely Inspire You. Take a Look!

An inspiring story of a graduating student touched the hearts of many netizens after it went viral on social media. AB Multimedia Arts student Clarence Gomez shared his journey through the ups and downs he encountered in life before he finally got to wear an academic dress and make his mother proud.
Growing up, Clarence faced numerous challenges along with his family. The only son of his hardworking mother, he stayed with his grandma while his mom worked abroad to finance his education. Things started to look bleak when his mom lost her job and got sick, but this didn't weaken his resolve to work hard and pursue his ambition. Clarence was granted a scholarship at the De La Salle - College of St. Benilde as a Student-Artist of the Office of Culture, and from there he took full advantage of the opportunity. Clarence's mettle was tested as the problems and challenges kept piling up, but that didn't stop him from working harder. In fact, he was even more determined.

He once dreamt of graduating as a college student when he was in high school because of the circumstances, but now he's finally able to fulfill his dreams and make his mother very proud. A touching and inspiring story indeed. Read his full story right down below!

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Source: Facebook