Tuesday, March 14, 2017

WATCH! Woman Struck in the Head with a Block of Wood Before Being R*ped!

A 22-year old woman from Sariaya, Quezon was brutally r*ped after a man suddenly appeared and hit her in the head with a wooden pole while she was on the way home.
The woman who was identified as "Diane" suffered multiple bruises and scars during the encounter in which she was taken advantage of after she lost consciousness.

Locals found her lying unconscious in a nearby river in Brgy. Tumbaga, Sariaya. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and thankfully recovered for a whole week. According to SP01 Melinda Jader, the victim was riding a motorcycle in a secluded area with almost no residents and from there, a man appeared and suddenly hit her in the head.

Police authorities are heavily investigating the incident and are on the lookout for the suspect involved in the crime. Meanwhile, the victim is still in recovery after suffering the traumatic incident. Many have called to revive the death penalty against r*pe cases so that criminals and r*pists would fear committing such heinous crimes.

Watch the video right down below to see what happened!

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Source: newsmediaph, youtube