10 Signs that Indicate You’re No Longer Special Towards Your Partner!

While it may be painfully obvious at first, sometimes you will find yourself questioning whether your partner still loves you or not. So if you’re in doubt about the love you have as a couple, you may want to pay attention to these signs that indicate your partner isn’t just as interested in you anymore.

1. No longer shows love

The lack of interest means that your partner’s love is fading and that may very well indicate that your partner no longer desires you like they used to be and perhaps they may be looking for someone else to be with.

2. Thinking of someone else

If you notice your partner paying attention to other people than you, perhaps he/she already has someone in mind, and clearly that person isn’t you.

3. You’re always the one to blame
Your partner doesn’t want to shoulder the load and always points fingers at you. This shows a lack of respect and the lack of interest towards you.

4. Conversations are dry
You don’t always need to be talking to each other, but if the silence has become painfully awkward and is bothering you, it could lead to frustration down the road and stress the relationship.

5. Tons of excuses for going home late

The time your partner spends after work is something to be taken note of, and if he/she has tons of excuses for staying out late, then perhaps something fishy is already going on.

6. Lack of support for each other
You don’t get the support from your partner and instead of being inspired, you end up being frustrated.

7. You hate and hurt yourself

As much as you want to stay, if the relationship causes more hurt and you start doubting yourself, it’s time to go your separate ways. It’s the only way you can save yourself from further turmoil.

8. You’re no longer in your partner’s plans
You dropped off your partner’s priority list and it feels like you’re not involved in any of their plans anymore.

9. No explanations
Your partner doesn’t even want to explain to you what he/she is feeling and out of the blue just suddenly asks for space. This means that they’re already thinking of how to end the relationship because they’re not interested in you anymore.

10. Your partner shows no respect towards you

It doesn’t matter if you get hurt by their words or actions because at this point, they’re really not taking into consideration your feelings anymore in what they do.

Relationships don’t come easy, but it shouldn’t feel very, very difficult.

Try to think your relationship through and determine if it’s still working for both of you or not so that in the end, you can save yourself from potentially a lot of damage.
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