Film Director Manny Castañeda Accuses Aquino Administration of Receiving Money From Drugs!

He accuses the administration of former president Benigno Aquino III of receiving money from illegal drug trades. He quotes that the yellow personalities (referring to the Aquino administration) have suddenly become defensive after current president Rodrigo Duterte announced the list narco-politicians.

The post gathered thousands of likes and shares and drew mixed reactions in the eyes of many netizens.Castañeda believes that the Aquino administration was well-aware of the existence of drug trades and operations in the country.

He claims that this is the reason why former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas had knowledge in the drug operations in Davao City and saying that the city is littered with illegal drug trades.

He pointed out that despite the knowledge and awareness of the Aquino administration about the illegal drug operations in the country, they did not do anything to solve the lingering drug problems which led to Castañeda’s speculation that the administration is receiving money for allowing the operation of drugs in the country.
Source: RachFeed

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