Rappler News Journalist’s Response to Duterte’s Verbal Assault Against Senator Leila Goes Viral Online!

Certainly the president’s rugged demeanor and approach have received mixed thoughts in the minds of many. And now, a certain journalist from one of the nation’s news websites shared her own opinion about Duterte’s attacks against Senator De Lima.

Multimedia news reporter of Rappler Natasyha Gutierrez took to Facebook to express her opinion about president Duterte’s verbal attacks.

She broke her silence and spoke of her thoughts about the whole subject, calling it ‘outright disgusting.’ She stated in her post that she doesn’t favor any political party whatsoever and spoke because she’s concerned about the lambasting of the president.

Her post immediately went viral on social media, being praised by many people for her courage in speaking up her opinion about the whole matter while others have questioned her statements as well.

Take a look at her post and read it for yourself!

I've kept uncharacteristically silent about our president, but today isn't one of those days. I am not yellow or red or…

Posted by Natashya Gutierrez on Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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Sources: ScoopitPH, Socialtrends PH

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