The Philippines Is Considered As One Of The Richest Countries in the Entire World! Find Out Why!

The country is rich in deuterium, a stable isotope of hydrogen that can be found in some of the world’s deep waters, and that includes the Philippines.

Research and study reveals that a huge deposit of deuterium which is 868 miles long, 52 miles wide and 3 miles deep were discovered at the deepest depths of the Philippine Trench, Studies have also shown that deuterium may possibly be the next fuel used by the world.

This is possible by taking out impurities from deuterium, producing lithium-hydrogen fuel through a simple process at super-low costs.

Because of this, hydrogen-based industries internationally will benefit and this results in boosting other important industries as well including food, chemical and metals.

The uses of deuterium are:

– Used in the production of (Hydrogen) Li-Hy used by many countries such as Germany, Canada and America for fueling vehicles and airplanes.
– It can also be used as a substitute for LPG, gasoline etc. for fueling internal combustion engines and does not emit harmful pollutants.
– As hydrogen fuel, it can also be used for cooking, heating and lighting.

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