This Man Pulled His Shorts Down Before Applying Sunscreen on Her Back. What The Woman Saw Next Left Her Surprised!

Well, if the guy’s name is Patty Mayo, then you certainly wouldn’t say no! Ze oil boy strikes in Huntington Beach where he entices women with his French accent and a banana boat sunblock oil as he attempts to pick up girls with a massage prank.

He’s got a channel over at YouTube and in this video, he approaches women and offers to put sunscreen in their back and the results will definitely make you crack up.

He gets down and dirty with the sunscreen as he applies it liberally while having a conversation with the women. Ze oil boy’s banana game is on-point with the women laughing and giggling as he pulls down his shorts and gets into ‘uniform’.The video went viral online and received millions of views from many people. And he gets a number after he massages the women’s back. It’s workout time for Ze oil boy!
CREDITS: YouTube / Patty Mayo

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