WATCH: Australian Media Reporter Talks About Duterte and You’ll Be Surprised at What He Has to Say!

Many have stated that Duterte unleashed a national death squad after the number of extra-judicial killings have risen since he was seated as the 16th president of the country.

The Australian media has particularly paid attention to Duterte and his administration, with Liam Bartlett of 60 Minutes Australia reporting about the extra-judicial killings of drug personalities and the national police gunning down drug users.

The video report has received millions of views and different reactions across the eyes of many netizens.

In an effort to deliver upon his promise of zero tolerance for drugs and providing a better future for the youth and generations to come, the tenacious president is willing to do whatever it takes to address the rampant drug operations in the country and stop it dead in its tracks.We’ll guarantee that Duterte’s name will be frequently mentioned across the globe as he continues the fight against drugs in the Philippines.

And while he may have his own naysayers, many are behind the backs of the president as they support him in his pursuit of ending drugs in the country once and for all. H/T: Social Trends

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