WATCH: Senate Hearing of Leila De Lima on Extra Judicial Killings With Her Alleged Paid Witness

During the senate hearing on extra-judicial killings, many were confused by the given answers of one of the witnesses named Hara from Pasay City who is under oath.

People believe that De Lima has ties to the witness because her answers were quite confusing and inaccurate with many stating that it was all for show and was plotted by De Lima.

A video of the hearing went viral online and caught the attention of many netizens, pointing out that De Lima allegedly had connections with the witness and was obviously lying.

Many have reacted to the video and were enraged, furious with De Lima for continuing to hide the truth about her ties with drug personalities and protecting them.

Take a look at the video right down below and watch it yourself!

What are your thoughts about the hearing? Do you think De Lima has ties with the witness? Let us know what you think and share them with us by writing a comment below!

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