WATCH: This Girl Was Nervous When She Got Up on Stage. But When She Started Singing, Everyone Was Shocked!

With epic performances and sometimes disappointing acts, the show is a constant source of entertainment for the crowd and a grand opportunity for people looking to be discovered with their spectacular showing.

Capturing the crowd is one thing, but convincing the judges to say yes is another story, especially when one of the most critical judges of the talent show makes a return in 2016.

It takes a lot to impress the generally blunt Simon Cowell, and you gotta make sure you bring something to the table that will leave him very impressed.

Just like this 13-year old girl who decided to audition for America’s Got Talent. Laura Bretan, a young girl with big dreams, took the stage and faced the entire crowd.With all the bright lights and  the attention focused towards her, it’s easy to see that the little girl was nervous. The pressure was mounting, and people were wondering if her singing would convince them that she has the talent to make it.Her amazing showing left everyone stunned and in awe, especially Simon who was equally impressed with Laura’s wonderful voice!

She just proved to everyone that she has the talent to wow everyone in front of the whole world.

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