Abu Sayyaf Group Claims Full Responsibility on Davao City Attacks!

Rami said “That’s not a diversionary tactic. Alam mo naman ang gobyerno, marami silang strategy sa words kagaya ng ginagamit nilang ‘terorista’, na kung iano mo, ikompara mo ang characteristic ng isang terorista ay nandyan naman sa kanila,”

He followed up with his statement by warning the president and the country that the attacks are just the beginning and that they fear no armed forces deployed in Jolo, Sulu. Rami then added

“Yun ay pauna lamang, dahil kung titingnan natin ay parang itinarget niya talaga ang Jolo, Sulu, kagaya ng sinabi namin na itatarget din namin kung saan siya nanggaling,”Now that the Abu Sayyaf have claimed responsibility for the attacks, it will be interesting to see how President Rodrigo Duterte responds to the attacks brought about by the ASG.

He has already deployed almost 9,000 soldiers in Patikul, Sulu to finish off the terrorists once and for all and this only adds fuel to the fire in the heart of the firebrand leader.CREDITS: PHReports | TNP / YouTube

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