Leila de Lima Gives her Statement About the Bilibid Incident

Sen. Leila De Lima has finally given her side about the bilibid incident which has obviously had her affiliated. 

The bilibid stabbing incident that caused Tony Co (a chinese druglord) to lose his life and the witness against De Lima herself, Jaybee Sebastian, to be put in a critical condition. 

De lima was very emotional yet expressing her strong standing about the issue that it was her plan to have Sebastian killed so he will be silenced and not give his testimony against her. 

“Ako na naman ang may kagagawan niyan?” De Lima said. 

De Lima was teary eyed while stating the fact that a lot of people nowadays are trying to drag her down and stain her name. She expressed her disgust on the men behind the controversial news, saying that they are nothing but cowards and liars.


source: abscbnNEWS

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