MUST-SEE! 58 Year-Old Taiwanese Boss Takes Advantage On Caregiver in Indonesia!

The caretaker began working for her boss in July and started in December of last year and was sexually assaulted, evident in the video in which a man wearing no shirt attempts to take off the caretaker’s clothes.

She said “Lau Ban (Boss), I don’t want. Stop it,” while in tears as the old man proceeds to remove her pants. “Boss, take off your hands, keep your hands off me, I said I don’t want,” she continues.

The woman first reported the harassment of her boss from a help hotline for foreign workers and from there, local police officials were able to aid her situation and arrest the perverted old man.

Her boss was identified with the last name Hsieh, 58 years old and is married. She was hired to look after her boss’ father. Police returned to the employer’s house to issue a warrant of arrest but was gone the time they arrived.The woman is recovering from the incident. She also attempted suicide evident by cuts in her wrists but fortunately she was rushed to the hospital and is under recovery for now.

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